Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Have just tried ... Longmorn 1992 from Signatory Vintage

longmorn 1992 signatoryLongmorn is situated in Speyside and has built up a reputation of being one of Scotland's best blending whiskies by the blenders at most large companies. It is the main whisky that goes into the Chivas Regal range, which sells massive volumes around the world each year. As a result of this, distillery bottlings are few and far between (the most common being a newly released 16 years old). There are a number of releases from independent bottlers and this one is from Signatory Vintage and bottled at 15 years old. The colour is light and straw like. The nose is very pleasant with a lot of grassy, vegetal notes (it reminded me of a spring meadow full of grasses and fragrant flowers). Mixing with these is a pronounced citrus, zingy note (like lemon and lime zest), crisp fresh apples and some butterscotch, toffee and vanilla. The complexity found on the nose then translates well on to the palate, with these flavours combining to give a very pleasant, easy drinking whisky with a perfect level of sweetness. The finish is a disappointingly short and is quite crisp and dry with a hint of raw spirit coming through. That takes the edge off the pleasant sweetness that is present and slightly spoils the whisky in my opinion. Longmorn is relatively expensive to buy but this one is really good and well worth a try, being decently priced at just over £30.

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