Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Have just tried ... Dallas Dhu 1982 from Gordon & Macphail

dallas dhu distilleryDallas Dhu (pronounced dallas doo) is a distillery that has been closed since 1983. It was based near the town of Forres and originally opened in 1898. Now, the original distillery buildings are a museum that are owned and run by Historic Scotland. As the distillery has been closed for 25 years, the stock is dwindling all the time and will one day run out. Because of this, Dallas Dhu whisky is becoming more and more desirable and the prices for it are increasing. There are only a couple of independent bottlings available, including this one from Gordon & Macphail. This was distilled in 1982 and bottled in 2007.

The colour is quite pale and straw like, which is surprising for something of this age and the nose is fragrant and very promising. There is vanilla and malty grain present and these are joined by some intense fruitiness (pears and apples come first but then something tropical that reminded me of pineapples and mango). These characteristics can be associated with the increased age of the whisky. On the palate, this is rich and fruity with the maltiness and vanilla balancing everything perfectly. Nothing overpowers anything else. There is also something a bit spicy (think of nutmeg or cinnamon) which adds more interest at the end. The finish is fairly long and very refreshing, making the whisky very easy to drink and perfect for a warm day or someone new to whisky (who has expensive taste!). This is an excellent, extremely well balanced whisky and one that must be tried before the stocks run dry. It is available from specialist retailers or directly from Gordon & Macphail, and should cost around £55 per bottle. This is very good value considering the whisky is 25 years old and from a closed distillery. Half bottles (35cl) are also for around £30.

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