Friday, May 6, 2011

The Whisky Round Table > May 2011

The latest edition of The Whisky Round Table is now available for all to read. The host this month is Chris Bunting, who runs the informative Nonjatta blog which is based in Japan. If you want to know anything about Japanese whiskies, the industry or drinking culture of the nation then Nonjatta is THE only place online to visit. We are delighted to be part of the Whisky Round Table, so hope that you will join us and our colleagues for this edition. Chris has decided to get a cheeky discussion going about each of the Round Table members whisky tasting skills and whether it is possible to categorise a sip of whisky in words - to read this month's sitting of the Whisky Round Table - click here.

The Whisky Round Table is the brainchild of Jason Johnston-Yellin, who is the author of the 'must read' whisky blog Guid Scotch Drink. His idea was to gather together 12 whisky bloggers from around the world and get them to discuss a whisky topic once a month. The hosting of The Round Table is passed around the 12 members, with each host setting the question for each month - the subjects have been wide and varied to date. Chris at Nonjatta is the last of the 12 to host, so we have now gone full circle and will revert back to Jason for next month's question/discussion. Links to the previous editions of Whisky Round Table articles can be found by clicking here. Enjoy!

The Whisky Round Table can also be followed on Twitter. Come and join us @WhiskyKnights.

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