Monday, June 15, 2020

Allotment Cocktail - Making A Negroni

Last weekend saw World Gin Day celebrated, so we decided to create one of our favourite gin-based cocktails at the allotment - the Negroni. Watch as Matt takes you through how to make this simple cocktail, which can easily be recreated at home.

The Negroni is now regarded as a classic cocktail but its origin remain unclear. Numerous stories float around regarding this but the most common and plausible report of the first creation happens in Florence, Italy and involves Count Camillo Negroni. This dates from 1920 when the Count visited Cafe Casoni in the city, which was a regular haunt of his.

The story goes that he fancied something stronger than his regular Americano cocktail and asked the bartender to replace the Americano's soda water with gin, while retaining the Campari and red vermouth. The bartender, Fosco Scarselli, took a sip and decides to replace the Americano's lemon garnish with orange to balance the flavours better. Other customers started asking for what the Count was drinking and it quickly became known as The Negroni.


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