Monday, April 14, 2008

Have just tried ... Miltonduff 8 years old 'Battlehill' from Duncan Taylor

miltonduff battlehillMiltonduff is a distillery in Speyside and most of the whisky distilled there goes into blended scotches. This makes official bottlings fairly hard to come by. This one is a young whisky released by Duncan Taylor in their 'Battlehill' range. Duncan Taylor are one of a number of independent bottling companies who buy casks of whisky from different distilleries and then choose when to release them. This makes these whiskies more limited and by buying independent bottlings, you can try rarer whisky at reasonable prices. This one had a fruity (citrus) nose but with an interesting sulphur undertone. This sounds horrible I know, but it wasn't a bad rotten egg smell but was subtle, like a coal fire burning in the distance somewhere. It was very creamy and refreshing to taste with those citrus zingy notes coming through well. This was good and is excellent value for a price of under £20.

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Anonymous said...

We just had our official launch, Miltonduff was the most popular tasting on the night, although we stock the entire Battlehill range.
To purchase in the South of England, please go to