Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Have just tried ... Bladnoch 10 years old 'Flora & Fauna'

bladnoch flora and fauna 10 years oldThis Lowland distillery has only reopened a couple of years ago, having previously been owned by multi national drinks company, Diageo. the 'Flora & Fauna' range covers a number of Diageo's less well known distilleries. The colour is light and the smell or 'nose' is very good. It smells fresh and slightly grassy with an interesting touch of saltiness. When tasted, it was very refreshing on my palate. I got an instant zingy freshness that was light, malty and fruity (imagine green crisp apples). However, after time there was too much raw spirit coming through, which can happen especially with young whisky. When this happens, the alcohol flavour overtakes or overpowers the other flavours that are being experienced. I added some water to try and combat this but it became too bitter and woody for my taste. A decent, light refreshing whisky (without water).

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