Sunday, May 18, 2008

Have just tried ... Knockando 12 years old

knockando 12 years oldKnockando distillery lies in central Speyside, between the villages of Archiestown and Knockando. It is owned by drinks giant Diageo and is one of the best selling single malts in the world (the main markets are France, Spain and Italy). Despite this, Knockando is relatively unknown in the UK market. Much of the whisky produced at the distillery (approx. 92%) is used in the blending of J&B Rare, which is one of the biggest selling blends across the globe. The only regular bottling is this 12 years old with limited edition distillery and independent bottlings occasionally getting released.

The colour is light like a pale lemon. The nose is pleasant but with a heavy element of malted barley. There is a sweetness present along with a citrus note (lemon zest, I think) and nuts (like a mixture of almonds, walnuts and coconuts). This whisky is very smooth on the palate and feels soft and creamy in the mouth. It is sweet and very fruity (think of raisins) with those malty and citrus notes from the nose coming through, although the citrus notes are more concentrated here (like dried orange or lemon candied peel). The finish is quite long, dry and creamy. Almonds are there again (more concerntrated than on the nose though, like almond essence or marzipan) along with some vanilla and toffee. This is a decent whisky, if not the most complex, and would be great as a pre-dinner drink or on a hot day. It is available in supermarkets and independent retailers alike and should cost around £25.

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