Thursday, July 22, 2010

Intermission ....

bbc test cardWe can now remove the intermission/test card sign and resume normal service! Whisky For Everyone has been quiet for the last two weeks, as we make our annual pilgrimage to Spain and the Benicassim music festival. This year's festival included notable performances from bands such as Kasabian, Gorillaz, The Temper Trap, Leftfield, Goldfrapp, Foals, Calvin Harris, Two Door Cinema Club and DJ Shadow.

To be honest, very little whisky has passed our lips over the last two weeks (despite the picture below! - where we can be seen enjoying a can of pre-mixed Jack Daniel's and cola, which is massive in Spain) and we have come back refreshed, ready to discover more good whiskies and write our reviews. We have also been planning another project, which we will announce in time.

karen and matt enjoying a jd and colaIn our absence, we have an article written by Jason Johnston-Yellin of the Guid Scotch Drink, which is becoming an increasingly essential read for whisky lovers and remains one of our favourite whisky blogs. We are delighted that Jason has agreed to write something for us. His article will appear shortly and forms part of our occasional series, 'Great places to drink whisky ...' . We thank everyone who has continued to visit Whisky For Everyone during our 'intermission' and look forward to hearing from you again, now that we are back. We will also be replying to all correspondence that we have received over the last two weeks as quickly as possible.

Karen & Matt.


Jason JY said...

Welcome back! I, for one, have missed you terribly. I also forgot to water the plants around here. Apologies.

_________________ The Malt Impostor said...

Yes, welcome back, indeed!