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Macallan, the famous Speyside whisky distillery, has teamed up with Cheri Loughlin, one of the leading online cocktail writers, to create a special cocktail to celebrate their Masters of Photography competition. Cheri writes the excellent Intoxicologist blog, which we have been following for the last couple of years and remains one of our favourites. The blog offers a detailed insight in to the world of mixing cocktails, offering recipes and tips for making both the classics and innovative new drinks. It is a 'must read' and we have learnt plenty from it. You can also follow Cheri's updates on Twitter - just search for @intoxicologist.

chris in miniThe Macallan launched the second in their Masters of Photography series late last year. World renowned photographer Albert Watson was commissioned and has produced a stunning series of images, such as the one pictured, left (title - Chris in Mini). To read more about the concept - click here to read our full article about the Masters of Photography. There is a photographic competition running alongside the series and anyone can enter! All you need to do is to send them one of your own photographs – the theme is ‘Great Journeys’ – and the top 10 entries will then be voted for by the general public. Albert Watson will pick the his top three from these and choose the winner. The prizes include a 10 day photographic trip to Scotland, a selection of Nikon cameras and subscriptions to Digital Camera magazine. Visit to enter and vote on your favourites - the closing date is 30 June 2011.

Anyway, back to the special cocktail that has been created. Cheri the Intoxicologist has invented a modern twist on the Negroni - a classic cocktail that combines gin, sweet vermouth and bitters (traditionally Campari) in equal third parts. The Negroni is widely said to have been invented in Caffe Casoni in the Italian city of Florence in 1919, when local dignitary Count Negroni asked the barman to strengthen his favourite Americano cocktail by adding gin instead of soda water. The barman then garnished the new drink with orange peel, instead of the lemon used for the Americano, so as to distinguish between the two.

The Macallan Negroni, created by Cheri Loughlin the Intoxicologist, is made using the following ingredients and quantities,

1 ounce The Macallan 12 years old single malt
1 ounce Port
1/2 ounce artichoke liqueur (something like Cynar)
3 dashes of peach bitters
Twist of orange zest

To make it combine the liquids in a mixing glass with ice. Stir or shake to chill according to preference. Strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice. Garnish with the fresh orange zest twist. We plan to make this Macallan Negroni for ourselves in the next week or so (once we find one last ingredient!) and will report back as to how we get on and how it tastes.

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