Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Review / Perpetuity Blend

This whisky is a new blended Scotch from the Port of Leith distillery in Leith, Edinburgh. Perpetuity will be an ongoing bottling to be released in batches. The whiskies are taken from the blending team's 'perpetual vat' - this sees surplus whisky from previous bottlings continually married together. Half will always remain with new part-casks added. The first batch contains differing percentages of two single malts (21.9% of Glentauchers 6 years old from first-fill ex-Oloroso sherry hogheads and 23.9% of Deanston 9 years old from ex-bourbon barrels) and two single grains (32% of North British 7 years old from virgin American oak barrels and 22.2% of North British 13 years old from ex-bourbon barrels). 

The Port of Leith distillery is currently under construction on the harbourside at Leith in Edinburgh. The distillery is the culmination of extensive research work carried out by founder Ian Stirling and Paddy Fletcher since 2016. This has involved the study of every element of the whisky production process, from grain and yeast to fermentation and distillation techniques, to create the most harmonious and complex spirit that they can. Their company, Muckle Brig, also own the award-winning Lind & Lime gin brand. For further details, please visit www.leithdistillery.com.

The Perpetuity Batch #1 will consist of just 1,430 bottles and is released at 45.7% ABV. Each bottle will cost £40 and are available now via the Perpetuity Whisky website until sold out.

Our tasting notes

The colour is golden yellow and the nose is elegant, sweet and floral. Aromas of green apple and butterscotch sauce mingle with citrus blossom and vanilla fudge. Further aromas of orange oil, lemon shortbread and hints of dried fruit (think of sultanas in particular) come through nicely also.

On the palate this whisky is tangy and vibrant - this is led by the orange oil note, which is more reminiscent of bitter orange now. Then comes the green apple - imagine stewed apple with the butterscotch sauce now - and some vanilla ice cream. There are also marshmallow and cream soda notes, plus a yeast-like pastry character sitting in there. 

The dried fruits come through nicely too with sultana and raisin leading the way. These are joined by some lovely notes of candied lime and preserved lemon. A malty biscuit-like quality adds depth, as does a pinch of woody spice - think of cinnamon especially. Late hints of something grassy, white pepper and an evolving dense oak woodiness.

The finish is of decent length with the malty and wood spice notes lingering most. The distinct sweetness and dried fruit characteristics fade to leave these to shine. The combination is warming and pleasant with a final hint of the citrus fruits coming through very nicely too.

What's the verdict?

Perpetuity is a lovely new whisky and one to keep whisky fans occupied while we wait for the Port of Leith distillery to begin production. We love the idea of a perpetual vat that keeps evolving as it gets replenished. It is a great concept and we cannot wait to see which direction the subsequent batches will follow. 

Parent company Muckle Brig should also be congratulated for putting this at such a competitive price. Given the quality of the liquid it seems like a bargain. If you want one, do not hesitate due to the small amount of bottles.


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loch fyne living cask has been around a while too

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