Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Happy Birthday to us!

birthday cakeWe are two years old
Today marks the anniversary of the day that we decide to first start blogging about whisky. Whisky For Everyone was born on March 30 2008, when one of us convinced the other one to finally start writing up tasting notes and whisky reviews.

Now two years later, we have published nearly 350 articles, developed a website with more detailed whisky and distillery information, gained an ever expanding list of industry contacts and friends, continue to receive thousands of visitors from all around the globe each month and have 1100 followers on Twitter! We often wonder 'how did that all happen?' and thank everyone who has read, commented and interacted with us over the last two years.

Why Whisky For Everyone?
The basic principal of Whisky For Everyone remains the same as the day we started - to write and explain about whisky and the world of whisky in simple language, so that everyone who is interested can understand. It is particularly aimed at the beginner and this is relevant as we were both beginners two years ago. When we were trying to learn about whisky, there were not as many blogs and websites as there are now. We found some excellent sites, but most seemed to be aimed at the connoisseur or assume that you had some knowledge, maybe marking whiskies out of 100.

These felt like they had no relevance to us at that point, as we knew little about whisky, how to taste it or what styles we liked. Therefore, we decided to write something ourselves that compared the flavours of whisky to other things and combine this with some basic distillery information and facts within the notes. Naturally our writing style and knowledge have evolved but everything is still done with the above in mind.

whisky for everyone birthday prizesWin prizes!
To celebrate our second birthday, we have a prize to give away to one reader. However, you have to work for it slightly! We have a 20cl bottle of Talisker whisky, a special 10cl sample of a forthcoming whisky in our 'mystery dram' series (this will be published soon), plus a couple of other small goodies to give away. All you have to do is suggest a single article or regular feature that you would like to see on Whisky For Everyone. We are getting independent judges to choose the best and most interesting idea. Our judges include Chris Maclean, author of soft drink blog Drink Station and manager of The Whisky Shop branch in London and Tom Driver, the man who designed the Whisky For Everyone logo. So, get your thinking caps on and add your idea via the 'comments' section below. We will announce the winner after Easter and look forward to seeing your ideas and suggestions.

We are now off to have a celebratory birthday dram! Cheers ...

Karen & Matt


Gal Granov said...

Congrats! two years already? wow how time flies.
i really think you are doing a great job of reviewing the whiskies and writing about what u are so passionate about!

i would love to see :

1) videos - some tasting notes with videos and on location
2)more visits to distilleries
3)matching whiskies to chocolates / cigars.

Keep it going. from your friends at Whisky Israel.

Gal & Kfir

WHISKYhost said...

Congratulations Matt & Karen,

Without offending anyone... you are my favorite whisky blog/website. More and more I find myself coming here first when I have a question about a particular whisky release. The level of information you present is second to none (and saves me having to undertake nearly as much research!).

Long may your success continue,
Jason @WHISKYhost

Red Hare said...

Congratulations Matt, Karen

I really enjoy reading your blog, right from the start. And it's gotten even better since!

I would really like to know your thoughts on:
(1) does whisky really not age in the bottle?
(2) how to go about vatting / blending your own malt at home

Stephen said...

Hey guys!

Huge congrats on the two year anniversary! I was recently introduced to the world of Whisky and initially felt overwhelmed. Your site and articles gave me valuable insight into how to appreciate this great spirit and helped me with a few purchases as well!

I would love to see an article on ideas for hosting a whisky tasting party for friends and family. The more we share our passion with others the more the culture will grow and mature which is a win for all parties!

Keep up the great work crew!

Minneapolis, MN

mkron said...

Happy 2-years!

Thanks for fun and interesting reading.

What I would love to read an article about would be,

"Trends and the future of Whisky in the world" - We have a whole range of new whiskylovers in the far east. What are they doing and how will that effect the traditional whisky market.

Keep it up!
Martin, Sweden

Mark Gillespie said...

Well done, guys! Keep up the good work!

Oliver Klimek said...

Congrats to your anniversary! I nearly missed that over the Easter holidays. I have known your blog only for less than a year, but I have always enjoyed your posts.

David said...

Congratulations! I would like to see a feature that focuses on the various cask conditioned Whisky's such as those using port pipes like the "Quinta Ruban".
I heard there are several in progress using various other vessels. I am interested in this and would like to learn more about them.

Karl Edelmann said...

Well done Blog. Keep up the good work. My suggestion for an ongoing serioes would be to take the entire porcess, from grain to malt to water to peat to drying to fermenting to distilling to aging and make an ongoing series, looking at changes over time, differences in region, variations in stills and weather and techniques. That should provide enough fodder for late night arguments over a few drams about who does it better, why, and over what time frame.
Happy Birthday and keep up the good work.

Holysinner said...

The blog is Whisky For Everyone, so how about an article on how best to introduce a newcomer to whisky?

The focus is usually which whisky to offer...a inoffensive blend, a sweet Speysider, a peaty islander that will be unlike anything they've ever encountered, or an allrounder like Highland Park? Is the important thing to not shock them with unexpected flavors, or to risk that and potentially Wow! them with something new? Or ask them to commit to trying 3 so they will be introduced to a variety of styles?

But there are other considerations as well. Should a newcomer try their first whisky neat for full flavor impact, or with a little water so the alcohol is subdued? In the tumbler they expect or a proper nosing glass? Do you suggest the scents and flavors they may pick up, or let them form their own impression?

Answering these questions would be an important addition to your Explain About sidebar.

Doug Watts said...

Congrats on the birthday, nice work.

You've a great site going on. If I was to make a suggestion it would be to have a number of feature articles, possible some written by guest authors. One topic I would love to see an article on is an informed piece discussing what happens to all the BAD whisky. We are forever hearing about wonderful new offerings from beautiful casks, but what happens when you get a duff cask? Particularly when that cask contains 25 or 30 year old whisky, that is potentially worth tens of thousands (or more?). There must be a lot of pressure on the distiller / bottler to bottle it up anyway and see if they can get away with it, do they put it towards a blend? At the same time they need to worry about the efect of putting out inferior quality whisky on their reputation, and how it might erode some brand loyalty? I havent seen anything written on this before and it strikes me as a very interesting subject. Buyers are knowledgable enough now to know that the law of averages and the economics of operating a distillery means there must be plenty of duff casks out there but we never hear about them.


Joshua (Yossi) said...

A little late, I know but -- Happy Birthday!!

barricas said...

It less like being back in the same saddle so much as a saddle adjustment. It's always a good idea to write about what you know and what's closest to your heart. With the move to sPAIN, it would seem that the wine industry there is now the new obvious regional topic to focus on. barricas