Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Allotment Dram - Making a Mint Julep

Matt is back at the allotment as America celebrated National Mint Julep Day last weekend. Watch as he attempts to make the classic cocktail using mint picked and items found at the allotment and other ingredients brought from home. His whiskey of choice for this is the American Eagle 4 years old bourbon.

The Mint Julep was first referenced in the early 1800s in Kentucky and often used whiskey, brandy or rum as the spirit ingredient. It was not until a century later in the early 1900s that whiskey exclusively became the main ingredient. This could have been bourbon or rye. The Mint Julep is now most famously associated with the Kentucky Derby, one of the biggest and richest horse races in the world, and has been officially served at the event every year since 1938.


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