Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The mystery dram revealed

mystery dramThank you to everyone who read and left comments about our third ‘mystery dram’ challenge that we set earlier in the week. We can now reveal that the ‘mystery dram’ in question this time was the Bushmills 10 years old. The full review of the Bushmills 10 years old will be posted shortly with some further distillery information and facts about the whisky.

We are trying to make the 'mystery dram' more challenging, as nearly everyone guessed correctly on our first one (the new Laphroaig 18 years old). This was followed by two correct answers for the second (Highland Park 18 years old). Only two readers got the correct answer for this third 'mystery dram' so maybe we need to throw in a couple more clues next time! Others were close but no cigar and some ignored the 'its not from Scotland' clue all together! Well done to Gal Granov and Yves Cosentino for working out it was Bushmills 10 years old.

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Granov said...


the 10 is indeed a wonderful dram.

Irish power.