Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Whisky Round Table > November 2011

The latest edition of The Whisky Round Table is now available for all to read. For those of you that may have just discovered us, The Whisky Round Table is the brainchild of Jason Johnston-Yellin - the author of the 'must read' whisky blog Guid Scotch Drink. His idea was to gather together 12 whisky bloggers from around the world and get them to discuss a whisky topic once a month. The hosting of The Round Table is passed around the 12 members, with each host setting the question for each month - the subjects have been wide and varied to date. Links to the previous editions of Whisky Round Table articles can be found by clicking here.

This month's host was scheduled to be Mark and his excellent Glasgow Whisky (& Ale) blog.  However, he has had to leave his seat on the Round Table due to other (and numerous) commitments, which include running a whisky shop, forum and festival!  Therefore, Jason has stepped in as 'emergency host' and has set a lovely, simple question about festive gifts.  Click here to read the answers from the remaining Knights. We hope that you enjoy the answers and please feel free to add a comment at the bottom of Jason's posting.  What would your choices be?

The Whisky Round Table can also be followed on Twitter. Come and join us @WhiskyKnights for updates and news from the Round Table and its members.

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