Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A guest blog post ...

drink station logoA couple of months ago, we were asked to write our first guest article by Jason of the Guid Scotch Drink blog (then known as WhiskyHost). Well now it has happened again! This time it is slightly different though as Matt was asked to write a post for Drink Station - a blog that samples and reviews soft drinks and beverages.

Drink Station is written by Chris Maclean and his aim is to sample, write and review soft drinks in the same way that everyone samples, writes and reviews alcoholic drinks, beers, wines, spirits and cocktails. While there are many blogs, websites and people writing about alcoholic drinks there are very few that do the same job for soft drinks. This is where Chris comes in with his detailed information and tasting notes. The blog seems almost unique in its content, so the chance to write on it was taken and the soft drink selected. The deal is that Chris has to write a return whisky related article to appear on Whisky For Everyone in the near future. Look out for that!

Read Matt's review of Power Horse - an Austrian energy drink with an interesting history - on Drink Station by clicking here.

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Jason said...

You clearly have skills!

Continued success,
Jason @Guid Scotch Drink