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Review / Glenturret Triple Wood, 7 years old Peat Smoked & 12 years old (2022 Editions)

These three whiskies form part of the 2022 range from the Highland distillery of Glenturret, which is Scotland's oldest remaining single malt distillery. Six of the whiskies remain the same as in 2021, although all feature new liquids. These have been created by Bob Dalgarno - the Glenturret's Whisky Maker. It is the third release of the small batch range, which kicked off in 2020. The one new addition is the 7 years old Peat Smoked. 

Glenturret is located in the Perthshire town of Crieff and was founded by a group of illicit whisky producers in 1775. It was originally a small farm operation called Hosh Distillery and was finally legalised in 1837 when John Drummond took over. The name was only changed to Glenturret in 1875 on the 100th anniversary. Glenturret is one of the smaller distilleries in Scotland with an annual production capacity of only 150,000 litres. It is also one of the most traditional with most work still completed by hand. The current owners are Lalique, the famous jewellry and crystal producer, who took over in 2018.

The entry point to the 2022 range is the Glenturret Triple Wood. This sees a combination of three cask types - ex-bourbon, plus American oak and European oak - and is bottled at 45% ABV. The new 7 years old Peat Smoked slots in next and uses peated malt spirit. This has been matured in re-fill and ex-sherry casks, and is bottled at 44% ABV. The 10 years old Peat Smoked has been matured in both first fill and second fill European and American oak casks, and is released at 50% ABV. 

Next is the 12 years old, which has been matured in American oak and European oak hogsheads. It is released at 46% ABV. The 15 years old features a high percentage of European oak barrels and comes in at 53% ABV. The five expressions are joined by two very limited older variants - the 25 and 30 year olds. The 25 years old consists of just 210 bottles and is released at 42.4% ABV. The 30 years old features a combination of ex-Port, ex-Moscatel and ex-sherry casks. There are just 750 bottles relased at 42% ABV. 

All are of natural colour and all, except the Triple Wood and 7 years old Peat Smoked, are non chill-filtered. The Glenturret 2022 range will be available through selected specialist retailers in selected world markets and via

Our tasting notes

Glenturret Triple Wood
45% ABV / £50
The colour is deep gold and the nose is fruity, sweet and rich. Aromas of raisin, sultana and candied orange mingle with toffee, caramel and a blob of honey. Baking spices and fresh oak linger underneath.

On the palate this whisky is equally as rich and fruity. The dried fruits lead the way with raisin, currant and juicy plump sultana all evident. There is also a suggestion of dried apple and apricot, fig and orange peel. These fruity notes are baked up with toffee and caramel again, along with a building spiciness. This takes the whisky is a slightly more savoury direction than expected. It is in danger of becoming too woody but a lovely cereal notes just about holds the oak back. There is a tannic dryness and heat that develops towards the finish, which is of decent length. The wood and spice really come through now, especially once the sweet and fruity elements fade.

Glenturret 7 years old Peat Smoked
44% ABV / £53
The colour is pale gold and the nose is vibrant, lively and expressive. Crisp green apple, vanilla and honey are joined by pungent peat smoke. This has an ashy and mossy feel with aromas of damp earth, wet leaves and bonfire ash. There is also a hint of white chocolate.

On the palate this whisky is fresh and peaty straight away. The damp earthiness and wet, leafy note are evident and are joined by some honey, golden syrup, boiled sweets and vanilla essence. The smokiness becomes more ashy with time and this takes the whisky in a drier direction twards the finish. Further notes of cereal biscuits, white chocolate, icing sugar and lemon zest are also detectable. A pinch of baking spice and clove also come through, as does a late note of gingerbread. The finish is of decent length and it is the peat smoke that punches through everything to draw the finish out. The savoury and peaty notes really come to the fore with a pleasant peppery heat rounding things off.

Glenturret 12 years old
46% ABV / £67

The colour is deep amber and the nose is bold, rich and packed with fruity aromas. Toffee apple and poached pear mix with dried fruits such as raisin, sultana and orange. Depth is added by warm wood spices and earthy baking spice in the background.

On the palate this whisky is rich and luxurious with a velvety and silky mouthfeel. The dried fruits come through first now (think of raisin, sultana and orange again but with a hint of something darker like fig and date) and are joined by a lovely milk chocolate note. Then come cooked green fruit, reminding us of baked apple and poached pear. Toffee, brown sugar and caramel with a hint of molasses are also present. The warming wood spices and earthy baking spices then begin to take control - imagine freshly sawn oak combining with cinnamon, all-spice and a pinch of ginger and clove. The finish is short and a bit hot, which are the only negatives really.

What's the verdict?

The seven new whiskies in this year's range are sure to sell well, especially the very limited older expressions. Of the ones that we sampled, the range provides a proper mixed bag. This is true for both style and quality. 
The Triple Wood is big, bold and a little confused. It lives on the edge of being too woody, but would appeal to some. The 7 years old Peat Smoked is a new addition and works very nicely. It is one of the better Highland peated malts that we have tasted recently and we commend it for that. The 12 years old is our favourite though. It exhibits lovely rich and decadent notes, and makes you want to go back for another sip. It is just a shame about that slightly short finish ...

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