Sunday, November 7, 2010

Competition > Win 5cl whisky samples

Last week, we joined a whisky bloggers trip to Scotland as guests of Inver House Distillers. We were taken to visit three of their distilleries - Balblair, Knockdhu and Old Pulteney - and our distillery profiles, whisky tasting notes and photos from the trip will be appearing over the forthcoming week or so. However, while we write and you read about our trip, we have decided that we would also like a lucky somebody to sample some the fine whiskies from these three Highland distilleries. As a result, we have a trio of 5cl bottles to give away - AnCnoc 12 years old, Balblair 1989 and Old Pulteney 12 years old.

We had this competition in mind before we went to Scotland but could not decide on the nature of it. However, one particular event that happened on the trip made it a 'no brainer' and led to a one-liner to end all one-liners (and there were a few top ones on that trip!). This became the centre of a conversation on the minibus where it was commented that, if taken out of context, this would be a very obscure and, if possible, even funnier. The whole group started discussing other funny one-liners that they had seen or heard, that when taken out of context didn't make any sense or made you sit up and think "What the ...?"

So our competition is - which one-liner or statement has made you sit up and think "what is that all about?" or "what happened to get to that conclusion?" It can be whisky related or not and may have been said or witnessed first hand by yourself, a friend or a colleague. Equally you may have seen a random text, Facebook status update or tweet on Twitter that didn't make any sense but made you wonder how or why someone had typed it. Also, let us know where you saw or heard it. We will choose our favourite on Friday 12 November and the winner will receive the three samples. Simple.


Richard said...

Heard this one in a bar in the Netherlands when I was toasted. It took me 15 minutes to figure out the question and still don't know the anwser.

QOUTE: "When mum's the word, who's dad?"

Anonymous said...

The one liner is " and I woke up with a freaking lizard tongue..."

The story: I attended my first massive scotch tasting event (whiskyfest nyc 2008) as a guest of my friend
Greg. Greg had turned me on to single malts earlier and I had just developed my passion for single malts and was in heaven at the event. After a VIP hour to die for and pounding samples for 2 hrs straight I had a bite to eat and then drank more. Upon arriving home I had only two triscuits and proceeded to pass out on the couch.

Fast forward: I wake up two hrs later and my mouth is bleeding like I was a boxer. My wife tells me I was snoring terribly and she thought about waking me way to go honey). Since I was snoring and fell asleep with my mouth open, apparently the triscuit had slightly irritated my palate and that together with the liquor and open air breathing dried out my palette. That evening and for another week my palate was so inflamed and long that when I hissed my palette could be seen coming out of my mouth like a lizard tongue. Doctor had never seen anything like it. The next day I left for Mexico but couldn't scubadive for fear that my new appendage would get caught in the regulator. Quite a night! The quote comes from me relaying the story to Greg.

Great site and blog btw.

Austin said...

"...and Murphy, that bastard, is tied up in the basement, making noise all the while, disrupting the party"

the part of dad's story that the waitress came into the room for. Murphy was actually my cousin's dog. But, after she left, we imagined that she'd have had no idea Murphy was a dog and not a person.