Friday, February 5, 2010

Say what? - our first guest blog post

whiskyhost logo'Say what?' is a weekly feature that appears on the excellent WHISKYhost blog. Within the article, they aim to dissect some of the stranger tasting notes that you may encounter or overhear at whisky events or tastings (therefore making you exclaim, 'say what?'). The series makes you think about what you are tasting, is written in a light hearted style yet informative and includes recent classic articles regarding obscure tasting notes such as 'baby sick' and 'rubber gloves'.

WHISKYhost is written by Joe and Jason and is an extension of the Whisky Host website. The blog offers whisky reviews, latest news and various other snippets of information and fun video clips. This includes the 'What did I learn this week?' (a section which breaks down both the serious and slightly more irreverent whisky related news/stories from around the world). It is one of our favourite whisky blogs and as a result made the shortlist in our recent Top 10 Whisky Blogs feature.

Therefore, when Jason asked us to appear as a guest writer on WHISKYhost and write our own 'Say what?' article, we jumped at the chance. This is our first article that we have written for someone else and we thoroughly enjoyed it and writing in a different style. Our 'Say what?' was inspired by us overhearing a chap at a recent whisky tasting who exclaimed that the smoky whisky that he was sampling "reminds me of screeching tyres!". To read the full article on WHISKYhost, click here. We hope that you enjoy it and if you leave a comment on WHISKYhost, then you stand the chance of winning a sample of the new Highland Park Magnus!

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WHISKYhost said...

Thanks very much for being a guest on our blog. You did a terrific job with your choice of 'screeching tyres' and you made me lol (as the kids say) in the "what gets me close?" section with your references to 'tyres burning on a French picket line' and accidentally burning something plastic on the stove (which my wife did just two weeks ago -- and it reeked!).

Jason @ WHISKYhost