Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Allotment Drams / Method And Madness Rye & Malt and Ailsa Bay

We have two more recent episodes of our Allotment Dram series for you. This series sees us talk about different whiskies in the surroundings of our north London allotment. First, Matt takes a look at the new Method and Madness Rye & Malt, the latest innovative whiskey from the Irish Distillers micro distillery. Find out more about the limited release and the micro distillery, before hearing his thoughts and tasting notes on the whiskey.

Then on his next visit he reviews the first release from Ailsa Bay. This peated Lowlander caused excitement at the time as it was almost the total opposite of what a classic Lowland Scotch whisky normally was. Watch to learn more and then discover Matt's tasting notes.

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