Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Whisky Round Table

Today sees the launch of a new feature in the whisky blogosphere - The Whisky Round Table. It is the idea of Jason Johnstone-Yellin, who writes the excellent Guid Scotch Drink whisky blog, and he has gathered together 11 other whisky bloggers from different locations around the world to take part. We are delighted to have been asked by Jason to form part of the Round Table and look forward to contributing to it in the future.

The idea is that the Whisky Round Table convenes once a month and the chair person sets a topical whisky related question that they have always wanted to ask. The chair person will change each month and rotate between the 12 Round Table members. Once the question is asked, each member will present an answer and this will be posted on the hosts blog when collated. The reader will then see 12 differing opinions and interpretations of the same question and this will hopefully introduce new ideas and approaches that may not have been thought of previously.

So please join us at the Whisky Round Table - click here to read the first installment. The subject this month is 'What rules do you have in your whisky lives? ....'

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