Tuesday, August 10, 2010

News ... Glenfiddich Explorers

glenfiddich explorers logoThe iconic Glenfiddich whisky brand has just launched a new interactive section of their website. This is called Glenfiddich Explorers and it offers insights in to what makes Glenfiddich the quality product that it is and invites you to think about what you wish to achieve in your life. The emphasis is on the pioneering spirit within all of us, with Glenfiddich used as an example of an continual innovator within its field.

The distillery's founder, William Grant, was one of the pioneers of the whisky industry and his company, William Grant & Sons, continue this through to the modern day. The list of achievements includes Glenfiddich being Scotland's largest whisky distillery with a capacity of 10 million litres, being the first to actively market single malts in travel retail in 1963 and the first to open a tourist visitor centre in 1969. Many argue that without this innovation, the modern whisky industry would not be what it is today. As a result, Glenfiddich is now a massive global brand and accounts for 35% of all single malt whisky sales in the world.

Not all of the site is whisky related and includes some very interesting short films and interviews with well known pioneers and entrepreneurs to demonstrate the point. We have included one such interview below, with explorer and mountaineer Sir Ranulph Feinnes describing his inspirations and the conquering of his fears.

The new site can be accessed through the regular Glenfiddich homepage or on www.glenfiddichexplorers.co.uk. Much of the site, such as the short films about the ingredients, production and drinking of Glenfiddich whisky and the information about numerous activity ideas can be accessed freely. However, the special members warehouse section requires you to sign up and leave your details before allowing you in. It is in this section that you are given the chance to enter a competition with a first prize of £3000, which you can put towards your trip of a lifetime - be warned though, it does freeze on occasion and leaves you frustrated and having to return to the beginning. We speak from experience!

Having said that, this is a great idea that is well executed and easy to navigate. It follows on from William Grant & Sons recent success with the similar Warehouse 24 website for Glenfiddich's sister distillery at Balvenie. The Explorers site should help Glenfiddich to achieve their goal, which is to increase the rapport and frequency of contact between the brand and its drinkers, as well as to create a worldwide online community that will share their experiences with each other. The new website also includes a blog which allows readers to leave comments.

Check it all out and good luck with the £3000 prize!

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