Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Speyburn Clan Cask pub quiz - Round Two

Yesterday, we kicked off our latest competition which we are delighted to be running in conjunction with Inverhouse Distillers.  They have kindly donated the prize of a bottle of their rare Speyburn 1975 Clan Cask to help us celebrate the fifth birthday of Whisky For Everyone. This is an expensive bottle (£230) so you have to do a bit of work for the chance to win this exclusive single malt.  To this end, we have created the 'Speyburn Clan Cask pub quiz'.

There are three rounds running over three days and all questions relate to the Speyburn distillery and the Clan Speyburn - the brand's private members club.  All good pub quizzes (and some bad ones too) have a general knowledge round (this was Round One, which was published yesterday along with the Terms & Conditions - click here to read this), a multiple choice round (see below) and a picture quiz round (this will appear tomorrow).   

Please wait until you have the answers from all three rounds and then email them to

Round Two – Multiple Choice 

1. Which recognisable part of a distillery is the architect of Speyburn credited for inventing? 
A. Swan Neck
B. Pagoda
C. Spirit Safe

2. Speyburn is located in Rothes, but how many active distilleries are there currently in the town
A. Three
B. Four
C. Five

3. The Speyburn distillery was founded by John Hopkins, but what other distillery did he already own at the time? 
A. Glenlossie
B. Benrinnes
C. Tobermory

4. What occasion was the distillery rushing to celebrate with its first ever distillation? 
A. The Diamond Jubilee year of Queen Victoria
B. The world’s first drink driving conviction
C. Celtic Football Club hosting the World Cycling Championships

Join us tomorrow for the third and final part of the 'Speyburn Clan Cask pub quiz'.  Good luck and have fun ...

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