Monday, August 23, 2021

Allotment Drams / Bimber Oloroso Cask & Spey Chairman's Choice

Matt is back at the allotment and has two more whiskies to review. First, he takes a look at Batch #4 of the Bimber Oloroso Cask and talks about the London-based distillery and its phenomenal early success. Then discover his thoughts and tasting notes on this limited edition single malt. 

Then on his next visit to the plot, he heads back to Scotland and the small Speyside single malt brand of Spey. This is distilled at the Speyside distillery near Kingussie and is beginning to gain some decent awards. Watch as Matt gives a few details about the distillery and the Chairman's Choice bottling, before going on to give his thoughts and tasting notes.

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