Thursday, January 7, 2016

The UK Blog Awards 2016 - Vote for us now!

We have great news to begin the New Year - Whisky For Everyone has been entered in to the UK Blog Awards 2016.  We are up for the award of Best Blog in the Food & Drink category.  This is the UK's biggest competition for blogs.  Most of the blogs in our category are food-based so it would be great for a drinks blog to win.  And for that to be us of course.

The award is decided by public vote and the blog with the most votes wins.  Anyone can vote for us and you can vote as many times as you would like to right up to the deadline, although only once a day from the same email address and device.  So, tell all of your friends ... The deadline for voting is 9pm (UK time) on Monday 25 January.  We invite you to look through the nominations on the UKBA Food & Drink page and hope that you would like to vote for us.

How to vote for us
Simply click on the link below and this will take you straight to our homepage on the UKBA site.  Click on the 'Vote Now' icon and fill in your details.  It takes about 10 seconds.  You will then get an email to say that your vote has been accepted.  Don't forget that you can vote for us more than once.

Thank you - Karen & Matt.


Aitor Z. said...

Hi friends, i´m voting for you! i have my own blog in spanish (, sadly Spain is a small market, and sometimes i use information of your blog so the better way to say thankyou is voting for you. I´m going to vote as much as i can.

Whisky For Everyone said...

Thank you so much Aitor, both for the kind words and votes :)