Monday, August 10, 2009

Whisky For Everyone on Twitter

twitter logoWhisky For Everyone is now on Twitter, the free social networking site that allows people to share messages and news with each other in real time. The act/craze of 'tweeting' is sweeping around the world and is quite addictive (trust us on that one!). It is made more interesting by the fact that you can only use 140 characters in each message. There are now millions of people worldwide using Twitter on a daily basis including celebrities, organisations and bloggers.

So, not wanting to be left behind we set up a Twitter account for Whisky For Everyone. We have been using Twitter to post regular updates about new posts on the blog and new pages when they are uploaded to the website, with the relevant links. Our Twitter name is @whisky4everyone, so look out for us! We have also met numerous interesting people from all facets of the whisky industry and beyond with whom we regularly communicate. So why not start following us? If you do, you will get Whisky For Everyone updates directly to your Twitter inbox and you won't have to remember to look at the blog or website as we will come to you! If you start following us, you will also be able to interact with both of us by telling us news, ideas or info and asking us questions or for recommendations.

To follow us on Twitter, please click here and follow the instructions. It will ask you to 'Log in' if you are already a Twitter user or 'Join today' if you are not. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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