Monday, August 12, 2019

Review - Jameson Triple Triple

The Jameson Triple Triple is a new expression that will be exclusive to the travel retail sector. The name of the new whiskey refers to the fact that every drop of Jameson spirit is triple distilled and that this release features three different cask types for maturation - ex-bourbon, ex-sherry and ex-Malaga fortified wine casks - which have then been married together by Billy Leighton, the Master Blender of Jameson. Triple Triple is bottled at 40% ABV and will be available in airports globally. A one litre bottle will cost €32/ £29/ $36 US.

Jameson is currently owned by Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard and is produced at the Midleton distillery in Co. Cork. This was built in 1975 to replace the old Bow Street distillery in Dublin, which is now home to the brand's visitor centre and was built by founder John Jameson in 1780. Midleton makes both single grain and single pot still whiskeys with a combined capacity of 64 million litres per year. This goes towards Jameson, which is the best selling Irish whiskey in the world, and other Irish Distillers brands such as Green Spot, Paddy and Redbreast.

"At Jameson we know that good things come in threes. Triple Triple is no exception to this rule. Our triple ditilled pot still and grain whiskeys have been further enhanced through triple cask maturation to create an exciting new taste experience."
Billy Leighton - Master Blender of Jameson.

Our tasting notes
The colour is golden yellow and the nose is highly fragrant. Initial aromas of warm sponge cake and apricot jam mingle with concentrated tropical cordial-like notes of mango, papaya and pineapple. Background spices such as warming cinnamon, ginger and cardamom are also evident.

On the palate it is the tropical and spicy notes that continue to dominate. The whiskey feels volumous and thick with some lovely rich and warming characteristics at play. Notes of cake mix and vanilla are joined by stewed peach and apricot jam, with a hint of the juicy tropical fruits from the nose. Then comes caramel sauce over vanilla ice cream and delicious gingerbread and spiced ginger cake notes. A late note of juicy brandied sultanas also develops. Underneath are woody baking spices and some robust cereals.

The spices and cereals drive the finish, which is of decent length. This is particularly true once the sweeter and fruitier elements fade, and this gives the whiskey a pleasant bittersweetness and grip on the taste buds.

What's the verdict?
This new expression of Jameson is easy drinking, soft and deliciously rich. The warming spices and gingerbread/cake notes combine wonderfully with the juicy and jammy characteristics of tropical and stone fruits. The three cask maturation, and the inclusion of the ex-Malaga wine casks in particular, seem to have helped accentuate all of these elements.

This is a lovely example of Irish whiskey and one that has an interesting little twist to it. Also positioned at a decent price for one litre. Very good.


Andrew said...

Bringing a bottle back to the states that I purchased at the Dublin airport. Thanks for the review, excited to try it!

Unknown said...

Where can I buy and have it shipped to the states

Matt C said...

Hi @Unknown - This bottle is only available in travel retail, so you will have to pick one up next time you (or someone you know) is going through an airport.

Unknown said...

Best triple distilled ever. I love Jamieson but the Triple Triple really goes beyond.