Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas mystery dram ... what is it?

the christmas mystery dramThe festive season is not just upon us, it is all but consuming us. To keep the smiles on our faces while we wait, we have set aside a bottle of (hopefully) delicious whisky to be opened on Christmas day.
We thought 'what a great idea for a mystery dram as it's a mystery to us as well as to you!'.

We have looked at all the great things written about this particular bottle but we won't actually get to try it until Christmas Day, when we open our bottle and taste a dram or two. We will then reveal to all what it is and just how good the tasting notes we have found prove to be.

The tasting notes are below and we invite you to try and guess what the 'mystery dram' is before the bottle is opened. This can be done by clicking on the 'comments' section at the bottom of this post once you have read the notes, following the instructions and leaving us your guess/answer. So here goes...

On the nose this rich amber coloured whisky should have a aromatic peat with fragrant hints of honey, fruit (citrus seems to be the suggestion) and gentle oak woodiness. The taste on your palate should be noticeably peaty yet balanced with oaky woodines and warm peppery spices. An 'extravagant and complex' mix of honey sweetness, heather, nuts and barley. The finish is due to be long and clean with vanilla and a hint of cocoa and 'near perfect' bitter sweetness lingering alongside the peatiness.

This is a distillers bottling at 40% ABV. It is not from an overly famous distiller but should not be a name unfamiliar to many of you. We are keenly looking forward to the 'Mystery dram' as it has received many good reviews and has a small clutch of awards against its name.

Now is the time for you to have a guess. Just let your imagination run wild. The answer will be revealed on Christmas Day along with the names of anyone who made a correct guess.


Pocket Rocket said...
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Unknown said...

Tomintoul Peaty tang? I'd guess balvenie islay cask but that is not readily available, and not sure of its ABV.

Pocket Rocket said...

I'm going to guess BenRiach's Curiositas Peated 10 year old.

Antti said...

Benromach Peat Smoke?

Lisa said...

hum...40%...smokness and sweetness in finish....Tomintoul Peaty Tang :))