Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas mystery dram revealed

the christmas mystery dramMerry Christmas and thanks to everyone who read and left comments for our recent ‘mystery dram’ challenge. It has been an enjoyable day for us and we have just finished a huge meal of traditional English roast and bottle of Aussie red wine. The dram has proven to be a welcome diversion after the excesses of all the food we have had.

The mystery bottle has just been cracked open and we can reveal that it is BenRiach 10 years old 'Curiositas'. Congrats to Pocket Rocket for being the only one to guess correctly.

The tasting notes provided did not quite do the dram justice but were temptingly close. It was as delightful as we had hoped. Full tasting notes will follow shortly to give you the full description.

We are now retiring to another dram and a mince pie or two. Merry Christmas!

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Lisa said...

Oh! NO!! I broke my record so quickly! Got a wrong answer again

Make an easy one next time...please...