Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Release - The Famous Goose

Watch the birdie
I was listening to a radio programme on Britain's disappearing bird species, some of which were very common when I was growing up, and now all but vanished. Was it due to loss of habitat, climate change, migratory bird populations competing for the same food source...? Various twitchers chirped away amongst themselves, and then all of a sudden...kerrr plunk! A large brown package fell heavily on the doormat, and a couple of minutes later The Famous Goose broke free from the wrapping's shell, and fought for my attention.

The Goose is the latest addition to the ever expanding Famous Grouse family of blended whiskies (Black Grouse, Snow Grouse, Naked Grouse, and now this fellow!), and is the product of the Edrington Group, whose single malts include The Macallan, Highland Park and Glenturret.

The Canada Goose (Branta canadensis), a migratory bird native to the arctic and temperate regions of North America, apparently overtakes the Red Grouse as Scotland's favourite game bird, for once a year in early April!

Our tasting notes
A pale amber colour with light but sweet notes of caramel, sultanas, vanilla. There is a freshness lurking, almost citrusy and yeasty at the same time. Sweet and slightly oily on the palate, soft and round, this is pleasantly chewy with some biting cereal grains working away on the finish. These tidy up and cleanse the palate nicely. A straightforward, satisfying whisky that delivers.

What's the verdict?
This is a worthwhile addition to the range. It provides a very easy going and pleasant drinking experience. We would recommend trying this breed with ice and a mixer, and a slice of lemon.

We have yet to receive pricing details for The Famous Goose, however on this evidence we advise all fans of the Red Grouse not to delay, but take immediate conservation measures to protect the future of your beloved species!


Anonymous said...

I believe the price is $14.12 in the UK and $41.12 on the other side of the Pond!! ;)

Florin said...

So, it sounds like this is a 50-50 blend of Canadian and Scotch whisky, right? A perfect segue to the Irish-dominated month of March!

Matt C said...

Apparently it's going for $1420.12 over in Australia ...

Anonymous said...

So for every bottle I buy do they kill a goose (or 10)? The damn things are a plague here in the Southeastern USA. They forgot that they are supposed to fly back to Canada in the summer, they just hang around fouling our lakes and parks (pun intended).