Sunday, October 25, 2020

Allotment Drams - Weller 12 years old & Dalaruan by The Lost Distillery Co.

We have two more episodes of our Allotment Drams, the series where we talk about different whiskies in the surroundings of our north London allotment, for you. Firstly watch as Matt opens and tastes the Weller 12 years old wheated bourbon, which is made at the Buffalo Trace distillery on Kentucky, for the first time ever. Learn about what a wheated bourbon is and then hear his thoughts and tasting notes.

Then on his next visit he takes a look at the Dalaruan, part of a series of blended malts from The Lost Distillery Co. that give modern interpretations to long closed distilleries. Dalaruan was located in Campbeltown and closed in 1925. Watch as Matt talks about the creative project and then gives his thoughts and tasting notes.

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